Surrendering a Pet to Lee County Pet Services: A Step-by-Step Guide

Surrendering an animal to a shelter can be a difficult decision, but it is sometimes necessary. If you are located in Lee County, Florida and need to give up your pet, there is a process you must follow. Lee County Pet Services is the tax-funded stray pet control center responsible for stray animal control services in the area. They accept animals from their owners on a limited basis and require that the owner complete an intake form before delivering the pet.

At Lee County Pet Services, they serve more than 10,000 animals each year. To make sure they have the space and resources needed to care for the animal, pets are only accepted by appointment. Before surrendering your pet, it is important to review the resources available about relocating your pet. If you still feel that you need to return or turn yourself in, you must fill out the appropriate form as truthfully and as detailed as possible.

An HSN representative will contact you after receiving the form. If you originally adopted your pet from Lee County Pet Services and the pet is under 5 years old, in good health and temperament, and considered adoptable by Animal Services, the pet can be returned as long as space is available and the applicable delivery fees are paid. When delivering your pet to the scheduled appointment, you must pay a delivery fee to help offset the cost of caring for the animals delivered. This fee will be applied to the deposit when the animal is brought to the appointment. By following these steps and reviewing available resources, you can rehome your pet without having to suffer the stress of living in a shelter. With just a few simple steps, pets can find a new home full of love without having to see the inside of a shelter.

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