Adopting a Special Needs Animal from a Shelter in Lee County, Florida: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adopting a special needs animal from a shelter in Lee County, Florida is an important process that requires some preparation and understanding of the requirements. To ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly, it is important to gather an emergency supply kit in a duffel bag or backpack and label it with the customer's name and phone number. The first step is to fax the request to 239-277-7387 or take it to the shelter located at 5600 Banner Drive. Shelters for people with special needs are designed to meet the needs of individuals who require assistance greater than the services provided in a shelter for the general population. Most of the pets under shelter care are available for adoption and do not need to be placed in foster homes, but are looking for a permanent home.

The Orange County Animal Service operates on a first-come, first-served basis to provide equal opportunities to all interested adopters. The way animals behave in the shelter environment may not necessarily be indicative of how they respond in a new home. To help as many pets as possible move from shelter kennels to the couches of loving homes, the BISSELL Pet Foundation is sponsoring reduced adoption rates at a nearby shelter. The Orange County Department of Animal Services is proud to have an active foster care program and is always looking to recruit new adoptive parents to its team. Orange County animal services are currently open for in-person adoptions, with no appointment needed.

Shelters can be activated during an emergency event to provide care for people who are unable to stay in their homes safely. The goal of the program is to pair “doomed to death” dogs that would be difficult to adopt with carefully selected inmates in the Lee County Sheriff's Office's Community Programs Unit, located at 2501-04 Ortiz Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33905. This offer is available to everyone who adopts a pet from Orange County Animal Services and includes a free first health exam, within 14 days of adoption, at an animal hospital in VCA. The Orange County Department of Animal Services is excited to partner with VCA Animal Hospitals for the Healthy Start certification program. Each organization follows their own adoption procedures: contact the shelter you are interested in adopting before the event to learn about their specific requirements, times and locations, to see the pets that can be adopted, and so on.

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