• Human Society - Lee County


  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to connect all people in Lee County, FL together for one cause; a human cause

    On Poverty

    Mission: To Punch Poverty In Its Face

    This part of our effort, focuses on helping out the local communities that are in desperate need of help and humanitarian care. We do not just giveaway cash, but rather improve the infrastructure of the local health system, school system and everyday living. Your volunteer work is essential.

    On Preserving A Green Future

    Mission: Creating A Sustainable Green Environment

    We are only renting this place we call earth, and once our time is up, other tenants will walk in. The best thing we can offer our children, is fresh clean air, crystal blue waters and a green planet. With your help, we can make that dream a reality and help our future generations thrive.

  • About Our Cause

    We empower everyone


    Our passion here at Human Society - Lee County is to empower others by first empowering ourselves. Our society has become too selfish and very less humanistic than it should be. The recent direction of the American people has highlighted that exact problem we face today: the lack of interest in people that are in need. We look around us and see problems, yet refuse to give a helping hand to a poor family, or someone that will not have the opportunity to get a college education due to insufficient funds, or a single mother struggling to bring up her children.


    We are not a philanthropic institution nor do we get compensated for following this passion of ours. Our main interest is to first awaken the people in Lee County, FL so that we can be a great example to the rest of the United States and eventually the world. It all starts with each and every one of us. If we are waiting for someone else to get this thing started, we will be waiting for many more centuries to come.


    Although we do not generally take donations, we do charity events and humanitarian work by raising money for certain causes, helping struggling businesses in our community, and even helping people outside of Florida that need our help. This is a vision that will grow rapidly on the local level, but like fire, spread over to the other States. And believe me, when I say this will happen fast: how fast...that is something to be determined based on your commitment to spread the message, your obsession to help out others, and determination to leave a world that is somewhat better than the one you received when coming in it.

    Examples Of How We Work

    As mentioned above, we do not take donations nor believe that charity alone will help improve our quality of living and the life of people around us. If we do not commit with our souls to helping each other, we are just exchanging funds from one bank to another. The first step to humanism is human touch. Talking with someone in need of a listener or advice, is a very good example of helping someone. Going and helping out a small business owner trying to support his family and employees is another great example. Raising money for specific charities and causes, is also something we very often do. But it is all done in a very wise and productive manner. Spilling millions of dollars on charity programs that are created just for the benefit of a few, is not something we really like seeing or doing.


    Doing things to help our environment is also something that eventually helps other people. That is a more noble cause, than helping people that live today, because if we are securing a future, for other generations, we are really helping someone we haven't even met yet. And that is something very mature. Regulations on companies that affect the environment's well being around us and the manufacturing industry especially are essential. There have been many efforts to cut these companies some slack, but the thirst for financial gains should not be quenched on the backs of other people, other communities and future generations. We are a very empowering society, that believes more in giving initiative to others, rather doing the job for them. So we will often provide guidance and assistance in getting companies to follow sustainable operations, help decrease the negative effect they have on our planet and climate change and urge to care more about humanity instead of their miserable bank accounts.


    A very good example of a construction company we have helped empower and follow state guidelines, is ​Atlanta Demolition Services who was failing at first to follow environmental and sustainability regulations, but very soon agreed to commit to the greater good of our planet and humanity. This example, is a very strong indication of what is possible outside our county lines. A company in a completely different State was able to be convinced on the importance to follow a more green demolition process, in their everyday projects. So if that is not enough proof to convince you of the power each of us has in our own communities, then I do not know what is.

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect your interest in humanity with others...

    Aabidah Othman

    Chief Humanitarian Officer

    Aabidah's main interests surround other people feeling better about themselves, improving the well being of other people's communities, and spreading a message of love and care for one another. Selfish behavior is not something she particularly likes and also condemns to be very evil and bad. Lifting each other up, will lift all boats and all people both in the United States and across the seas. Join her vision to make Lee County a more supportive place and an example to the other communities in Florida and other States in our nation.

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    Humanitarian work has no boarders

    The importance of taking care of people seeking for peace and safety, is significant.